Clients & Partners

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group is a solution-oriented, flexible, dynamic, and reliable partner for entrepreneurs, co-investors, banks, international asset managers, investment boutiques, and local governments.

Our comprehensive advice and support enable our clients to reach their goals within a defined period efficiently. We are present on the ground, bring our cultural and interdisciplinary expertise as well as implement appropriate measures promptly.


With futuristic ideas looking for growth capital and successful entry into specific business sectors or regions

Insurance companies

Covering long term commitments for specific projects

Public Institutions

Interested in independent advisory services or long term financial solutions

Financial institutions

Private and institutional investors, banks, asset management companies, investment management boutiques with no direct local presence in the target regions, or striving to be integrated locally long term, or without profound knowledge of the target market, and firms looking for partners acting on their behalf directly on the ground strategically, tactically or operationally.

Our Investments