Efficient Due Diligence & Risk Management

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group's professionals scrutinise approximately 1,000 investment opportunities. Our selection process is rigorous while focusing on the benefits of the selected regions, the companies as well as investors and local communities. Our network of trusted advisors, as well as external, internal Risk Managers and Portfolio Managers, defines key performance traction-metrics while identifying opportunities preventing and reducing risks, evaluating the effectiveness of each strategy to be implemented. Furthermore, the analysis process and its results can be annually audited by one of the leading auditing firms.

We estimate the fair value of assets based on discounted cash flow models and discernible, current and relevant market factors. We assess the target companies and markets on an 8-week basis including weekly reports.

AAA Intergalactic Investments Group's team scrutinises risks and the compatibility of the companies' structures with defined investors criteria as well as regional regulatory requirements, creating reports on potential project risks, assessing risks related to asset financing.

Our Investments