Private Equity

Due to higher government deficits, private capital is increasingly needed. We are observing a remarkable growth in the privatisation of existing and future infrastructure assets as well as the provision of new projects by the private sector.

As an independent financial advisory company, AAA Intergalactic Investments Group helps develop and finance attractive short, mid, and long-term projects in Africa that can significantly inspire and improve people's lives; especially in regions with a crucial need of infrastructures, agricultural products, electricity, logistics, e-commerce, healthcare, and telecommunication. Together with our partners, we offer attractive, secure, and flexible funding opportunities as well as unique Mergers & Acquisitions, industry profound sector expertise, and an established track record of serial entrepreneurship investments. Our investments management team originates, develops, and offers direct co-investment opportunities for institutional and private investors, banks, and governments sharing similar environmental, social investment objectives, also aiming to achieve attractive, sustainable financial returns.

Our Investments