AAA Intergalactic Launches Futuristic Financial Niche To Create Thousands of Jobs

Princess Rachel Belle said the group's "primary mission is to promote a fair funding system, thereby enabling industrialisation, and a better future for the youth


NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 9, 2019

AAA INTERGALACTIC is all set to fund impactful projects in promising markets.


The young Chairwoman summed up the attitude of the AAA Intergalactic Investments Group (AAA Intergalactic) in a recent interview:

We give a fair chance to those left behind, to those who scream without a voice, to those talented ones without fair opportunities.

— Princess Rachel Belle

She founded this Investment Group to disrupt the known bottlenecks along the flow of global investments.


I. Invest in hard-working communities that need it the most.

II. Create, by investment, a fair system that fosters businesses and creates jobs

AAA Intergalactic is a unique investor with a mission to promote a fair system of financing which, in turn, will accelerate industrialisation in several marginalised communities worldwide. As a result, thousands of jobs will be created. This process will focus mainly on Africa, Europe, America and other continents, where a financial injection, tailored to the needs of promising companies, will energise developing communities and create jobs. The eradication of extreme poverty and an improved socio-economic future for young people would be a direct result of this system. Starting this year, its "Fair Funding movement" has been designed to offer candidates a diversified capital base adapted to the needs of local entrepreneurs.


Releasing hard-to-access capital and putting in place an appropriate mentorship program is what motivates the founder, Princess Rachel Belle, a successful financial pioneer. In the shadows and silently, she carefully studied all aspects of her trade.

If world heavyweight champion Dr Wladimir Klitschko nicknamed "Dr Steelhammer", can win championships, Princess Belle is similarly trained in her field and enters the ring with her group to knock out the massive unemployment.

"Practice what you preach" is the philosophy of CEO, Princess Belle; she and her teams are working to identify, qualify and multiply business opportunities through B2B capitalisation by engaging with leading specialists, who share her vision and see the wisdom of investing in the future of developing communities.


HRH Princess Rachel Belle & heavy weight Champion Wladimir Klitschko


The European-African Princess by birth recently journeyed to Africa, where she was warmly received by the Prime Minister of Cameroon. His Excellency, Dr Joseph Ngute stated that his government and cabinet are encouraging young entrepreneurs in Cameroon and will co-operate with AAA Intergalactic led by Princess Belle to promote Cameroon as an attractive investment destination in Africa. Cameroon is the 14th richest country in Africa according to statistics provided by worldsrichestcountries.com.


HRH Princess Rachel Belle - Founder of AAA INTERGALACTIC and His Excellency Joseph Ngute Prime Minister of Cameroon

"The time has come to move in the right direction with quick and effective action" said AAA Intergalactic’s CEO, adding:

"Poverty is the only illness that cannot be diagnosed by doctors but that financial institutions can and should treat."

— Princess Rachel Belle

princess_rebelle princess_rebelle princess_rebelle

The young and dynamic German-Cameroonian Princess was also warmly welcomed by African aristocrats such as His Majesty Joseph II Ekandjoum, King of Baréhock. Princess Belle has been hailed as a model global citizen/ philanthropist/activist and an excellent entrepreneur.

In January 2019, during her visit to Cameroon, Princess Belle donated school supplies to the Lycée's management, and gifts to the teachers with the best performance. She also distributed scholarships based on academic excellence to 19 students at Baréhock High School in Littoral. Many recipients were young women who, absent such generous donations by AAA Intergalactic under the direction of CEO Princess Belle, may have become dropouts due to cultural attitudes, domestic duties, early marriage, early pregnancy, and social vices that are used as a means of survival.

The boys are equally unfortunate due to rampant child labour law violations. In Africa and the Middle East, 73.3 million children ranging in age from 5 to 17 are involved in child labour, according to the International Labour Office.

After being graciously thanked by the high school principal and the grateful students, Princess Belle went on to network with the country's leaders, advocating for the creation of local jobs and the adoption of her Group’s investment system: AAA Intergalactic’s Fair Funding. Princess Belle, with determination and the full force of her winning spirit, said: "We must first create thousands of jobs, then I will rejoice!"


Why join such a promising financial group that will help to achieve a brighter future for many?

AAA Intergalactic is flexible, fast and efficient with maximum cost reduction in processing funding requests in 3 to 6 weeks, instead of the usual 3 to 9 months.

AAA Intergalactic is the leading independent, futuristic, financial services provider in its targeted communities.

In pointing out what makes the group competitive, AAA Intergalactic's Chairwoman said:

"Accurate analysis and prognoses help us identify future trends and select the best with the highest potential. We bring profound cultural and political understanding. Our decision-making process is efficient and at least 10 times faster than other processes."

The AAA Intergalactic “Fair Funding system” is unique; the group focuses on bringing dynamic futuristic investments into several vertical markets in regions where poverty, lack of opportunity and inequality still prevail. Its major focus areas are:

  • Futuristic Logistics
  • Smart Cities
  • Renewable energy
  • Innovative and healthy agriculture methods
  • Futuristic infrastructure
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Micro-financing
  • Private equities
  • Project financing


Passion – Commitment – Integrity; these are the three currencies of the AAA Intergalactic Investments Group, which will ensure fairness and justice in the futuristic markets of developing communities. That’s its niche – to caringly capitalise those most in need of its Fair Funding. The absolutely committed Chairwoman is also one of the female members of the German National Committee of the UN.


Women are not at the top of the financial pyramid when evaluated by credit institutions. AAA Intergalactic seeks to change this reality for female entrepreneurs and employees. AAA Intergalactic gives women and men a chance to achieve their full potential and gives deprived communities a fair chance to rise. Their win is AAA Intergalactic Investments Group’s victory.

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